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We use cookies on Kaggle to deliver our services, analyze web traffic, and improve your experience on the site. By using Kaggle, you agree to our use of cookies. Got it. Learn more. Featured prediction Competition. Quora Question Pairs Can you identify question pairs that have the same intent? $25,000 Prize Money. Quora; 3,304 teams; 3 years ago; Overview Data Notebooks Discussion Leaderboard. We use cookies on Kaggle to deliver our services, analyze web traffic, and improve your experience on the site. By using Kaggle, you agree to our use of cookies. Got it. Learn more. Featured Code Competition. Quora Insincere Questions Classification Detect toxic content to improve online conversations. $25,000 Prize Money. Quora; 4,037 teams; 2 years ago; Overview Data Notebooks Discussion. The best way to start doing a Kaggle [ 1] competition for a new comer is to get inspiration from the scripts that are regularly posted, read comments on the forum and ask questions to the vast community (you will be surprised by its friendliness)

Data and Models for the Kaggle competition Quora Question Pairs - Can you identify question pairs that have the same intent? Where else but Quora can a physicist help a chef with a math problem and get cooking tips in return? Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge?about anything. It?s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. Kaggle Quora Questions Pairs Competition. 14th place solution. My part. Code is uncleaned, latest versions are uploaded. Not every feature, that can be created with features notebooks was contained in final model - idea of this repository is to give more of an overview of methods used and those that could be used for similar problems Kaggle Competition: Quora Question Pairs Solution Report - YouTube We participated this competition as our final project report at NTHU EE6550 Machine Learning 2017, which achieved Top 10% in this..

This is a Kaggle competition hold by Quora, it has already finished six months ago. The goal of this competition is encouraging competitors to develop a machine learning and natural language processing system to classify whether question pairs are duplicates or not. In other words, this semantic question matching problem can be defined as follows: for question pair q1 and q2, train a deep. Quora Insincere Questions classification was the second kaggle competition hosted by quora with the objective to develop more scalable methods to detect toxic and misleading content on their platform. Problem Statement. Detect toxic content to improve online conversations. Data Overview . Dataset contains training set of over 1,300,000 labeled examples and test set with over 300,000 unlabeled. Our solution to kaggle competition Quora duplicated questions - frucci/kaggle_quora_competitio Data and Models for the Kaggle competition Quora Question Pairs - Can you identify question pairs that have the same intent? - WhiteIsClosing/Kaggle_Quor Quora is attempting to filter out toxic and divisive content to uphold their policy of : Be Nice, Be Respectful. What is an insincere question? An insincere questions is defined as a question intended to make a statement rather than look for helpful answers. According to the Kaggle competition description characteristics of an insincere questions include: Having a non-neutral tone: Having an.

Solution to Kaggle's Quora Duplicate Question Detection Competition - aerdem4/kaggle-quora-du Compétition Kaggle Quora : La solution gagnante ! Kaggle et Quora ont récemment lancé une compétition de prédiction qui a rassemblé plus de 3300 équipes. 5 membres du Data Lab' de BNP Paribas Cardif ont entrepris de participer à la compétition en équipe (les DL guys) sur leur temps personnel

It was my second serious competition in a row, it was stressful at times, but i learnt a lot overall - Landed a Top 12% position, a discussion gold medal and a couple of kernel bronze medals :) About the problem - Quora has given an (almost) real-world dataset of question pairs, with the label of is_duplicate along with every question pair. Kaggle Competition is always a great place to practice and learn something new. However, the best solution on Kaggle does not guarantee the best solution of a business problem. The example of Quora Question Pairs Kaggle Competition illustrates how important it is to be very careful and considerate while preparing a training data. In case the data set characteristics we've described are. Kaggle: Quora question pair. Focus area . To achieve a probability of a pair of questions to be duplicates so that you can choose any threshold of choice with minimal misclassification. Data source. The data is available on Kaggle, features of which are briefly summarised here - id - the id of a training set question pair; qid1, qid2 - unique ids of each question (only available in train.csv.

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  1. Solution to Kaggle's Quora Duplicate Question Detection Competition. Identify your strengths with a free online coding quiz, and skip resume and recruiter screens at multiple companies at once
  2. ant platform for experimentation. This turned out to be a mixed blessing: on one hand, you didn't need your own GPU to compete with the top players. On the other hand, this made version control fairly nightmarish, particularly when you started forking your own kernels. You could fork your own kernel.
  3. So, we decided to spend a little of our time on a Kaggle challenge, namely, Quora Question Pairs. (By we, I mean the data scientists of Cdiscount.) The purpose of the challenge consisted in detecting duplicate questions, that is, pairs of questions carrying the same meaning. This is of interest to us, as we work on loosely related issues: for exemple, we need to detect algorithmically.
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  5. Kaggle's Quora Question Pairs competition has just closed, I'm pleased to say that with 10 days effort I ranked in the top 39th percentile (rank 1346 of 3396 in the private leaderboard).Having just run and spoken at PyDataLondon 2017, taught ML in Romania and worked on several client projects I only freed up time right at the end of this competition
  6. g; Apr 18, 2016 HappyTweet; Mar 17, 2016 Word Vector Size vs Vocabulary Size in. Import external datasets e. Grazie a Facebook puoi.
  7. Written 07 Apr 2017 by Sergei Turukin I recently found that quora released first publicly available dataset: question pairs. Moreover, they also started Kaggle competition based on that dataset. In these blog posts series, I'll describe my experience getting hands-on experience participating in it

About Quora Question Pairs Kaggle Competition Quora is a Q&A site where anyone can ask questions and get answers. Quora audience is quite diverse. People use it for studying, work consultations and whenever they have second thoughts about almost anything The Kaggle Quora competition was a kernels-only competition, meaning kernels were the dominant platform for experimentation. This turned out to be a mixed blessing: on one hand, you didn't need your own GPU to compete with the top players Apr 4, 2017 Quargle: the Kaggle Quora Competition; Mar 12, 2017 Clojure Help Chrome Extension; Dec 30, 2016 Halite Conversion to Clojure; Nov 27, 2016 First Halite Experiences; Oct 17, 2016 Kaggle Bosch Data Mining Competition; May 1, 2016 HappyTweet Word Stemming; Apr 18, 2016 HappyTweet; Mar 17, 2016 Word Vector Size vs Vocabulary Size in. Import external datasets e. Grazie a Facebook puoi.

Quora: How did you become a Kaggle Master Jun 12, 2017 Quora: What does it feel like to be addicted to Kaggle? Apr 6, 2017 Building Your Own Kaggle Machine Apr 5, 2017 Winning Data Science Competitions - Latest Slides Jan 11, 2017 Kaggler 0.5.0 Released Dec 30, 2016 Great Packages for Data Science in Python and R Dec 13, 2016 Solution Sharing for the Allstate Competition at Kaggle Aug 6. Kaggle is a very famous platform among data scientists w here you go and join some competition and compete with other data scientists and at the same time Kaggle is also for practice. iWildcam 2019 Kaggle Competition. From a deep learning perspective, the image classification problem can be solved through transfer learning. This is an official Kaggle competition, now completed, here. 355. Over a year ago, in a Kaggle competition to detect and flag bogus questions posted on Quora, a Q&A website, he described how he and his team achieved such a good score. The solution is quite straightforward: we just scraped the answers, he brazenly boasted. Minixhofer alerted Koh, who then contacted Kaggle to report the fraud. Kaggle has since removed Pleskov's account and banned him. Duplicate QUORA question detection:Kaggle Dataset. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 4 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed 50 times 0 $\begingroup$ I have tried to use 2 BILSTMs along with the attention layer but the validation accuracy is not improving at all. Could anyone suggest an alternative to increase the accuracy? Layer structuring: >Preprocessing >GLOVE >BILSTM >ATTENTION >BILSTM.

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In my first ever Kaggle competition, the Photo Quality Prediction competition, I ended up in 50th place, and had no idea what the top competitors had done differently from me. I managed to learn from this experience, however, and did much better in the my second competition, the Algorithmic Trading Challenge. What changed the result from the Photo Quality competition to the Algorithmic Trading. Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users. The website has 100 million unique visitors per month as march of 2016. kaggle is a platform for data science competitions. As of May 2016, Kaggle had over 536,000 registered users

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  1. archive.today. webpage capture. Saved fro
  2. Kaggle Competition Archive. Matt Motoki, Tue 03 July 2018, Tue 03 July 2018, Misc. Computer Vision, Kaggle, Natural Language Processing. Table Of Contents. This is an archive of Kaggle competitions that I have done. Regression. Avito Demand Prediction Challenge; Corporación Favorita Grocery Sales Forecasting ; Grupo Bimbo Inventory Demand; Binary Classification. Santander Customer.
  3. I recently started to play with the dataset from the Quora Question Pairs Challenge. Quora Question Pairs Challenge Dataset So i did some basic stuff like visualizing the data a bit,cleaning i
  4. e, based on line test data, which products were going to fail quality control.
  5. g Soon) Author: Liang Pang, Yixing Fan, Jianpeng Hou, Xinyu Yue, Guocheng Niu. Categories. Abstract; Summary ; Abstract . In the Quora Question Pairs Challenge, we were asked to build a model to classify whether question pairs are duplicates or not (multiple versions of the same question). Our final submission was a stacking result of multiple models. This.
  6. , participated in a Kaggle competition and won a Silver Medal placing in the top 3% of 4,037 teams. The subject for this code competition was Quora Insincere Questions Clarification, calling for Kagglers to help Quora, an o
  7. e invited me to participate with him in a Kaggle competition. It was the Quora Insincere Questions Classification competition. I have to say, I am not even sure, we posted any model on the Kaggle on the end. But I had used this as a sort of motivation. I needed to pass the linguistics class, so this seems like a good.

About Quora Question Pairs Kaggle competition Quora is a Q&A site where anyone can ask questions and get answers. Quora audience is quite diverse. People use it for studying, work consultations and whenever they have second thoughts about almost anything XGBoost and Quora Questions. One of Kaggle's most popular competitions, Quora Questions Pairs seeks to solve the problem of duplicate questions, no doubt a persistent issue for a website such as Quora. User Anokas' submission to the competition involves using the optimized gradient boosting library xgboost. He does a great job of walking through his process for preprocessing and doing EDA.

score improved .05, Which led us to re-considering what are we really doing, after consulting the competition forums on Kaggle, many of the competitors were utilizing a feature called question frequency, as mentioned in the previous section. After adding this feature to our program, the run time of our program increased by a rather large margin; however, our scores improved significantly. As. Kaggle is a platform for data science competitions and has great people and resources. But how do you get started? It can be overwhelming with so many competitions, data sets and kernels (notebooks where people share their code). One kernel may contain over ten new concepts, so if you're new to machine learning (or even if you're not), you may feel a bit out of your depth at first Let me give mine as an active Kaggle addict, who is helpless without any hope for rehab. ;) I have a weekly Data Science journal club at work, which I turned into a weekly Kaggle club. I invite people from outside the company as well and now we have about 10 people joining from 4 different companies. Today, as we did post-mortem on the Quora competiton that ended earlier this week, one of. In the first competition held by padhAI on kaggle, we were asked to solve a classification problem using MP Neuron and Perceptrons. As a first experience on this platform, I was surprised by the community I had just found. I began solving the problem. Tried to beat my own accuracy, Learned few new techniques to preprocess the data before model training. At the end of the competition I got 0.80. Kaggle is an excellent place for learning. And I learned a lot of things from the recently concluded competition on Quora Insincere questions classification in which I got a rank of 182/4037. In this post, I will try to provide a summary of the things I tried

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Quargle: the Kaggle Quora Competition; Mar 12, 2017 Clojure Help Chrome Extension; Dec 30, 2016 Halite Conversion to Clojure; Nov 27, 2016 First Halite Experiences; Oct 17, 2016 Kaggle Bosch Data Mining Competition; May 1, 2016 HappyTweet Word Stemming; Apr 18, 2016 HappyTweet; Mar 17, 2016 Word Vector Size vs Vocabulary Size in word2vec; Jan. Quora. Google + Facebook. Blog My thoughts. Porto Seguro's Safe Driver Prediction kaggle competition - Data Analysis Ashwin - October 13, 2017. Porto Seguro's Safe Driver Prediction¶ Overview of the Kaggle competition :¶ This is an Data Analysis for the Porto Seguro's Safe Driver Prediction competition hosted by Kaggle. We will visualise the different data features, their relation t Kaggle成立于2010年,是一个进行数据发掘和预测竞赛的在线平台。从公司的角度来讲,可以提供一些数据,进而提出一个实际需要解决的问题;从参赛者的角度来讲,他们将组队参与项目,针对其中一个问题提出解决方案,最终由公司选出的最佳方案可以获得5K-10K美金的奖金 说明: kaggle quora 问题相似度匹配比赛 top1% 代码 (kaggle quora question pair competition top1% solution Skip navigation Sign in. Searc

A first-hand account of ideas tried by a competitor at the recent kaggle competition 'Quora Insincere questions classification', with a brief summary of some of the other winning solutions. Tags: Advice, Competition, Cross-validation, Kaggle, Python, Text Classification. What is missing when AI makes a decision? - Apr 5, 2019. We explain the need for caution when it comes to using AI in real. Kaggle Quora Insincere Questions Classification ⭐ 65 Kaggle新赛(baseline)-基于BERT的fine-tuning方案+基于tensor2tensor的Transformer Encoder方案 Home Credit Default Risk ⭐ 6 This has transformed into a network with more than 1,000,000 registered users, and has created a safe place for data science learning, sharing, and competition. Using the human competitive spirit, Kaggle created a platform for organizations to host competitions which have fueled new methodology and techniques in data science, and given organizations new insights from the data they provided This is a follow-up post after this one where I started participating in Kaggle Quora competition. In this post I switched entirely to neural network based approaches to solve posed problem. Below are solutions I tried and submitted. Previous post summary. This week was started with a TF-IDF + SVD model that achieves 0.44 loss and have 0.79 accuracy. This week goal was to try deep learning. compétitions d'entraînement, dont les solutions publiques contiennent codes et explications qui permettent aux débutants d'apprendresur des cas concrets, très proches de cas réels. L'intérêt des compétitions Kaggle pour l'industrie financière et les sociétés proposant une compétition

Kaggle 1, créé en 2010, est un site très prisé par la communauté data science qui héberge depuis son origine des « compétitions » et un forum à destination de celles-ci.Par la suite, il a renforcé son volet enseignement via l'ajout de tutoriaux et mini-cours, de questions-réponses plus techniques et de « datasets publiques » 2 permettant de s'entraîner ou de tester de. Kaggle is an online community of data scientists and machine learners, owned by Google, Inc. Kaggle allows users to find and publish data sets, explore and build models in a web-based data science environment, work with other data scientists and machine learning engineers, and enter competitions to solve data science challenges. Kaggle got its start by offering machine learning competitions. Quora Insincere Questions Classification寒假期间参加了Kaggle的一个比赛-QIQC,作为第一个认真参加的Kaggle比赛,最后这个结果实属幸运,感谢啸宇哥和 W^2e的帮助,现在简单记录下比赛中学到的东西。1. 数据预处理数据预处理是这类任务非常重要的一个环节。由于数据是直接爬取,所以数据是非常脏的,首先. Understanding business problem: In a Kaggle competition you don't spend time to understand how a model will fit into the business problem and how accurate could it be. Types of problem: Among the vast selection of business problems that a data scientist faces in real-life, Kaggle only highlights a subset of it, shared Ria Chakraborty, a data scientist at IBM on Quora This is the story of how I decided to be creative in a semester-long project, how my initial topic choice was crushed and how doing a Kaggle competition at the last minute saved my grade. As m

Kaggle Quora duplicate question analysis - a very naive approach with a Decision Tree. April 1, 2017 April 2, 2017. The aim of this Kaggle competition is to predict whether the question pairs in the data set, obtained from Quora, have the same meaning. There are currently many approaches in the Kaggle Kernel section each with its own merits and drawback. In this analysis I hope to experiment. Implementing MaLSTM on Kaggle's Quora Question Pairs competition. Date: August 14, 2017 Author: fishingsnow 0 Comments. Elior Cohen. This article is about the MaLSTM Siamese LSTM network (link to article on the second paragraph) for sentence similarity and its appliance to Kaggle's Quora Pairs competition. I will do my best to explain the network and go through the Keras code (if you are. Le plus efficace est de pratiquer le plus tot possible. Et pour cela Kaggle est la meilleure plateforme pour se former. Outre les competitions, (commencer par la competition classique sur le Titanic), il y a maintenant un environnement complet d'apprentissage Kaggle Learn.. Datacamp offre des cours tres bien fait (j'en ai testé plusieurs) pour un abonnement mensuel tres modique In this competition, we are challenged to use the new dataset to build predictive algorithms for different subjective aspects of question-answering. The question-answer pairs were gathered from. Kaggle competition Digit Recogniser-Part 1 16 minute read Case Study Iris Dataset-PART I 9 minute read Tree based Data mining approach of classifying data. Dataset: Complete Kaggle Datasets Collection. Now after finishing 4 years of medical school - I consider myself to have a. A study on Linear Regression applied to the Ames dataset Since around the start of the summer, I've been spending a.

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The Quora dataset provided by Kaggle contains a train dataset and a test dataset. The train dataset consists 404290 question pairs with each pairs labeled as 1(duplicate) or 0 (not duplicate). The test dataset consists 2345796 question pairs without labels, which is 5.8 fold as much as the train dataset. Evaluations are based on logloss between the predicted value and ground truth This repository contains the code for our submission in Kaggle's competition Quora Question Pairs in which we ranked in the top 25%. A detailed report for the project can be found here. Data. train.csv contains ~ 400k question pairs along with the corresponding label (duplicate or not) and test.csv contains ~ 2300k question pairs. Both the files can be found here. Model Architecture. We use. In this competition, Quora is asking people to build algorithms to identify duplicate questions. At the time of this competition, Quora is using a random forest model to identify duplicate questions, suggesting that there is great potential to produce a solution that outperforms what they had. In other words, through this competition you have the opportunity to create something that is better. Kaggle 's Quora Question Pairs competition has just closed, I'm pleased to say that with 10 days effort I ranked in the top 39th percentile (rank 1346 of 3396 in the private leaderboard).Having just run and spoken atPyDataLondon 2017, taught ML in Romania and worked on several client projects I only freed up time right at the end of this competition

The dataset first appeared in the Kaggle competition Quora Question Pairs and consists of approximately 400,000 pairs of questions along with a column indicating if the question pair is considered a duplicate. After you complete this project, you can read about Quora's approach to this problem in this blog post. Good luck The dataset involves 1225332 lines of non_spam data (sincere questions/statements) from Quora. The dataset can be obtained from the Kaggle competition. You can write a simple script to extract the. Quora questions dataset from Kaggle; Tensorflow Hub; Tags: deep learning Encoder Kaggle NLP Python Quora TensorflowHub. Filed Under: Application, Deep Learning, Tutorial. About. I am an entrepreneur with a love for Computer Vision and Machine Learning with a dozen years of experience (and a Ph.D.) in the field. In 2007, right after finishing my Ph.D., I co-founded TAAZ Inc. with my advisor Dr. The Quora question pairs competition ended two months ago in kaggle, it was my first serious kaggle competition and as the final result, I got a bronze medal for being in the top 8% position in the scoreboard. Frankly speaking, this competition is so fierce that I remembered one Saturday before the competition ended, I was in top 3%, and when I checked on the following Monday I was pushed. Title Teams Competitors Subs Enabled Deadline Daily subs Award Points Medals Best LB Late LB; Global Wheat Detection: 1,744: 2,271: 2,970: 2020-05-04: 2020-08-19: 5.

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  1. KAGGLE TITANIC COMPETITION TUTORIAL › kaggle tutorial › kaggle titanic tutorial python › kaggle titanic tutorial. Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster | Kaggle. Good www.kaggle.com The competition is simple: use machine learning to create a model that predicts which passengers survived the Titanic shipwreck. Read on or watch the video below to explore more details. Once you're ready.
  2. kaggle competition environment. Here's a quick run through of the tabs. Overview: a brief description of the problem, the evaluation metric, the prizes, and the timeline. Data: is where you can download and learn more about the data used in the competition. You'll use a training set to train models and a test set for which you'll need to make your predictions. https://towardsdatascience.com.
  3. mar. 4 juil. 2017 à 19:00: Dear members ,For this summer meetup, we propose several topics :• Feedback from the winner team of Quora questions pairs competition,talk by Maximilien Baudry , Lam Dang,
  4. Kaggle参加報告: Quora Insincere Questions Classification (4th place solution) 藤川 和樹 AIシステム部 AI研究開発第三グループ 株式会社 ディー・エヌ・エー 2. Agenda • コンペティション概要 • 主要Kernel解説 (Pytorch starter by Heng Zheng) • My solution • Top 3 solutions 3. Agenda • コンペティション概要 • 主要Kernel解説.
  5. In our first winner's interview of 2020, we'd like to congratulate The Zoo on their first place win in the NFL Big Data Bowl competition! Please enjoy this joint Q&A between top competitors an

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EDA. train.head(10) train[target].value_counts() 6% of the training data are insincere questions train[train.target == 1][0:10] Examples of insincere questions train['question_text'].apply(lambda x: len(x.split())).plot(kind='hist') Most questions are 70 words long or shorter Word Frequency plot of sincere & insincere questions (from: Simple Exploration Notebook - QIQC) Quora: How many employed data scientists are able to solve problems from online competitions such as Kaggle's? Aug 28, 2017 solution provided by a well respected domain expert was outperformed by a simple 100+ lines of Python code written by a Kaggle user, tinrtgu. Long tenure doesn't guarantee superior performance. As summarized by Dr. Ericsson in his bestseller book, Peak, the doctor. Identifying Duplicate Quora Question Pairs (Kaggle Competition Bronze Medal Winner) Date Sun 16 July 2017 Tags NLP / Neural Networks / LSTMs / tfidf / Word2vec / Gradient Boosting / Random Forest / Stacking / Kaggle / Python. We explored the current methods in NLP, including word2vec embedding (gensim package in python), LSTMs(use keras neural networks API), tf-idf, python nltk package, etc. Introduction. In this post we will use Keras to classify duplicated questions from Quora. The dataset first appeared in the Kaggle competition Quora Question Pairs and consists of approximately 400,000 pairs of questions along with a column indicating if the question pair is considered a duplicate.. Our implementation is inspired by the Siamese Recurrent Architecture, with modifications to the. Recently, I started up with an NLP competition on Kaggle called Quora Question insincerity challenge. It is an NLP Challenge on text classification and as the problem has become more clear after working through the competition as well as by going through the invaluable kernels put up by the kaggle experts, I thought of sharing the knowledge

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After you completion submission, come back and click here to participate in the Kaggle competition. The qualification Kaggle will run between 23 September and 23 October 2019 .Please note that you cannot do this as a group. Every submission must be an individual submission. Any act of collusion or group cheating will lead to disqualification of all the parties involved. There will a telephone. TSW Project - View presentation slides online. Kaggle Quora competition presentation with solutio For this reason, Quora launched the Quora Question Pairs Competition in Kaggle. In this competition, Quora provides a training dataset with pairs of questions (400K) labeled to 1 if the two questions have the same meaning or 0 if not, and a test dataset with pairs of questions (2.3M) unlabeled. Since these questions have been tagged by humans, their labels are inherently subjective, so they.

Kaggle competition solutions. Your Home for Data Science. Kaggle helps you learn, work and play. Kaggle is one of the most popular data science competitions hub. Which offers a wide range of real-world data science problems to challenge each and every data scientist in the world. These problems fall under different data science categories. These categories are like machine learning, deep. Browse The Most Popular 97 Kaggle Open Source Project Akvelon Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist, Danylo Kosmin, participated in a Kaggle competition for Quora and won a Silver Medal. machine learning, Kaggle, Quora, online conversations, online competition, embedding, metafeatures, engineering, LSTM model, PyTorch, recurrent neural net, 1D pooling, GRU, AvgPool, MaxPoo

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Summary of Kaggle Quora Question Pairs Competition First Kaggle competition concerning NLP Posted by Fan Ni on 2017-06-0 Implementing MaLSTM on Kaggle's Quora Question Pairs competition. August 14, 2017 — 0 Comments. Machine Learning Frontier. Humble Intro to Analysis with Pandas and Seaborn. August 14, 2017 — 0 Comments. Machine Learning Frontier. Transfer Learning in TensorFlow on the Kaggle Rainforest competition. August 7, 2017 — 0 Comments. Machine. Browse The Most Popular 98 Kaggle Open Source Project Kaggle Quora competition avr. 2017 - juin 2017. Ranked 1st out of 3300+ international team on the Quora Question Pairs competition on Kaggle. Prize of 12,500$ Winning solution includes heavy use of deep learning, NLP stuff & graph mining. Langues. French Bilingue ou langue natale. English Bilingue ou langue natale. Italian Notions. Groupes. Blockchain, Cloud, Data Science and BigData.

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Kaggle Competition | Quora 101st out of 3307 (Top 4%) In this competition, Kagglers are challenged to tackle this natural language processing problem by applying advanced techniques to classify whether question pairs are duplicates or not. See project. Sberbank: Russian Housing Market Apr 2017 - Jun 2017. Kaggle Competition | Sberbank 195th out of 3272 (Top 6%) In this competition, Sberbank. The goal of this competition is to predict measures of cleanliness during final rinse in order to help minimize the use of water, energy and time, all while ensuring high cleaning standards. Fatima Yamaha 1st Place Team. Results . COMPETITION ENDED Power Laws: Cold Start Energy Forecasting. competition has ended . €23,000. Usually with buildings, bigger historic datasets yield more accurate. Our easiest competition involves predicting who survived the Titanic based on gender, class of ticket etc. Getting Started competitions on Kaggle are a great place to learn by doing. If you don't have a Python or R environment setup on your computer, we have a tool called Kernels , which is an online script editor that allows you to execute code without installing R or Python (and has the. Explore popular topics like government sports medicine fintech food more. As we can see this is a classification problem where..

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In a recent Quora session, Kaggle CTO Ben Hamner outlined his advice to study machine learning. In fact, Ben Hamner mixes up good advice with promotional stuff for Kaggle. This adds up to the confusion. The truth is that Kaggle is not so useful for real-world problems, especially if you want to bite a chunk of this multi-billion dollar market. In this post, I propose an alternative method of. Quora Insincere Questions Classification - $25,000; Google QUEST Q&A Labeling - $25,000; TensorFlow 2.0 Question Answering - $50,000; and found a ton of great ideas. Without much lag, let's begin. Dealing with larger datasets. One issue you might face in any machine learning competition is the size of your data set. If the size of your data is large, that is 3GB + for Kaggle kernels. competition on Kaggle called Quora Question Pairs. Here they challenged the participants to find out duplicate questions with high accuracy. Using the Quora Question Pairs dataset, I'm going to develop an algorithm for Semantic Similarity of textual data. Problem Description and Dataset: Kaggle Competition - Quora Question Paris The official description of the Quora competition. competition cross-country paraglidng red-bull x-alps xc. Battleship: AI competition built on Node.js. Players create bots in JavaScript. author: gotdibbs created: 2013-05-14 23:05:57 ai battleship competition game javascript. competitive-programming: My solutions for problems on several online judges, including UVa, TopCoder, ACM-ICPC, SPOJ, SPOJ Brasil, Timus, URI and even Project Euler. Kaggle bert. gz - pretrained BERT language model, output of step 1 in the Model training section Kaggle use: Papirusy z Edhellond I used the above blend. In ELECTRA: Pre-training Text Encoders as Discriminators Rather Than Generators , we take a different approach to language pre-training that provides the benefits of BERT but learns far more 15. 1. 0 Wen Zhou [email protecte

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