Mooer green mile vs maxon od808

We compare two famous overdrive/boost pedals, the 808 series from Ibanez and Maxon. Shop online: Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer Overdrive Pedal https://w.. Signal chaine: Gibson Standard Wild Custom- overdrive - Mesa Boogie Mark V:25 - Torpedo Live (UberCab30) - TC Studio Konnekt 48 Les pistes de guitare sont brutes, sans EQ ou compression. TC Flashback Delay and Mooer Green Mile Overdrive Gibson Les Paul Studio 50s Tribute with Humbuckers - Duration: 1:37. Matt Thorpe 9,820 view

LEGENDARY GREEN BOXES: Ibanez TS808 vs Maxon OD808

Maxon OD808 & OD-9 vs Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer Shootout. These green machines are not called 'Tube Screamers', but they are built by the company behind the Ibanez originals. We compare two new Maxons to a vintage TS9 Huw Price. 27th July 2017. Share. Email. Facebook. Twitter. Telegram. WhatsApp. The original Tube Screamer was part of a range of pedals Maxon built for Ibanez between. MOOER Green Mile vs TS808. Discussion in 'Backline' started by mickrich, May 14, 2013. mickrich Member. Joined: Aug 2, 2007 Messages: 1,757 Likes Received: 70 Trophy Points: 48. Was in a guitar shop today so grabbed a Mooer green mile pedal for €50. It's a tiny tube screamer that uses the same chip as the TS808 (jcr4558). Had to mess with the controls to match it to the ts808 but it. Maxon OD808 vs Maxon OD808X Overdrive Pedal Shootout This is a comparison between the Maxon OD808 Overdrive Pedal (green) and the Maxon Overdrive Extreme (re.. MXR ZW44 (Zakk Wylde) Maxon OD808 (Tube Screamer) Boss OD3 Way Huge Green Rhino Mooer Green Mile Maxon designed the original OD808 overdrive circuit in the late 1970's - they then rebranded this pedal for Ibanez as the TS808 Tubescreamer, and the rest is history... The OD808 Reissue offers up all the warm, creamy, organic overdrive as the original and then some. Never one to rest on their laurels, Maxon has tweaked the current version ever so slightly to reduce noise level while.

Ibanez TS mini - Mooer Green Mile - Hotone Grass - Metal

  1. Maxon OD808 vs Way Huge Green Rhino. Thread starter Jeremy A; Start date Mar 1, 2012; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. J. Jeremy A Member. Messages 717. Mar 1, 2012 #1 I was pretty much set on getting an OD808, but it looks like the Green Rhino can do the same thing and more with the bass boost and mids control. How are these pedals different? G. guitargod2u Member. Messages 432.
  2. Mad Professor Little Green Wonder. € 169,- In stock. Mad Professor Royal Blue Overdrive. € 169,- Out of stock. Mad Professor Simble Overdrive. € 189,- Out of stock. Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive. € 169,- Out of stock. Mad Professor Twimble. € 238,- In stock. Maxon OD808. € 128,- In stock. Mooer Blues Crab Drive pedaal. € 63,- In stock. Mooer Green Mile/Overdrive. € 49.
  3. Ts10 Vs Ts80
  4. Maxon OD808 - obviously a traditional tubescreamer. A very nice one though. Pretty ballsy compared to other tubescreamers. Mooer Black Secret - Does the rat thing well, both vintage style and turbo style. It's been on my board for a while. The knobs on these little Mooer pedals suck. You can't tell the position of the tiny ones and the big one.

Pedal Mooer Green Mile Overdrive - YouTub

Maxon OD 808 XVive Amp Litone (18V) Mooer Green Mile BlackStar LT Boost Mooer Shimverb Le tout commandé par un switcher HEX Voodoo Lab (6 entrées), câbles en Cordial. Reste encore à connecter (dans le G System) : Source Audio Programmable EQ, FuzzFace Le Koch au dessus est dans un autre switcher dédiés aux préamplis The Maxon OD808 Overdrive is made by the same Japanese company which crafted the original overdrive circuit in a green stompbox that's been obsessed over by guitarists for the past 30 years. It uses the identical circuit found in the original employing the same JRC4558 IC chip for smooth, natural overdrive similar to a cranked-up tube amp. The OD808 pedal responds to the picking dynamics and. the maxon OD808 is the best over-the-counter TS around. in fact, the only true TS i like the sound of better is the TS808HW, and it's by a very small margin. analogman's beef with the the od808 is the fact that the pots are soldered directly to the board (as are the KOT's ). in reality, the od808 is just a simple, lightweight, elegant solution to the TS search. Also, the buffered bypass is. MOOER PEDAL. ORIGINAL. Acoustikar. Boss AC-2. Ana Echo. Boss DM-2. Black Secret. ProCo Rat and Turbo Rat. Blade. EHX Metal Muff. Blue Comp. Boss CS-2. Blue Faze. Dunlop Silicon Fuzz Face. Blues Crab. Marshall Bluesbreaker. Blues Mood. Boss BD-2 with Keeley Phat mod. Cruncher. MI Audio Crunch Box. Echolizer. Maxon AD999. Eleclady. EHX Electric.

Maxon OD808 vs TS808HW. Thread starter Socrates; Start date Oct 3, 2012; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Go. Next Last. S. Socrates Member. Messages 483. Oct 3, 2012 #1 Anyone played through both? J. joat321 Member. Messages 906. Oct 3, 2012 #2 Good question. I would like to know, too. I have an OD808 which I think is great. Never tried the TS808HW. wundergussy Member. Messages 9,525. Oct 3. Encontrá Maxon Od808 Overdrive - Instrumentos Musicales en Buenos Aires Interior en Mercado Libre Argentina. Descubrí la mejor forma de comprar online The Maxon OD808's features are simple enough with controls for Overdrive, Balance and Tone. The unit houses one 9-volt battery accessible by removing four screws on the base of the unit, which itself is approximately the same size as a typical MXR effect pedal. An AC adapter jack is provided as well as individual quarter inch input and output jacks. The OD808 uses a standard, but smoother. },

(2014-08-16) Maxon OD808 vs Maxon OD808X Overdrive Pedal Shootout by intheblues (2014-11-14) UNBOXING! MAXON OD808X : 3P3D'14 by The Tone King (2014-11-14) Another MUST HAVE MAXON ? The OD808X : 3P3D'14 by The Tone King (2014-12-02) Maxon Overdrive Metal Shootout (OD808,OD808X,OD9,OD9Pro+,ST9Pro+) by Ola Englund (2014-12-22) Maxon FX: OD808X Overdrive Extreme by Burgerman666 (2015-02-23) Maxon. Comparing a Green Rhino vs an Od808 or TS9 right next to each other I personally found the Green Rhino did not sound anything remote to a TS. Good pedal. Just no TS tone ImO no matter what position or how many mids you add. GTOD for the win . Reactions: chrisr0712 and Dannyz. S. struffy Member. Messages 248. May 1, 2020 #8 If you're talking JR terror, I'm talking Way Huge Green Rhino Mkii. Maxon OD808 Overdrive Effects Pedal Excellent condition. Velcro strips on base. These can easily be removed and replaced with the included self adhesive foam strips for free standing use. Used briefly for a project, the pedal is practically brand new. UK-only auction. Payment by PayPal only, no 'buy it now'. Free postage via Royal Mail 2nd class within two working days of receiving cleared. Maxon offers this green overdrive, MXR style in a box. 3 potentiometers (overdrive tone-balance), a rather soft under foot switch, classic overdrive. UTILIZATION The handling is quick and easy, one branch, we put everything at noon and it already sounds bien.Le manual is in English or Japanese and serves notice to the OD808, D & S, D & SII, PT999 .

I recommend the Way Huge Green Rhino. I have it and it's great, even for a clean boost application. It's modeled after all the TS's, but it has alot more you can use to shape the tone. It's really great. Re: Maxon OD808 Vs OD820 (CLEAN BOOST) - HELP. Wed, May 23, 2012 7:22pm. I like the mi audio blues pro myself, not a absolute clean boost, but a great bottom end Re: Maxon OD808 Vs OD820. La Green Mile, Mega top ! Je pensais pas qu'elle me plairait autant. Plus crunchy, râpeuse et un peu plus bright que ma Maxon OD808. Et le switch Hot/Warm qui la rend encore plus polyvalente La Pure Boost, sympa, je vais sans doute profiter d'une occase en cours.. I have a Green Mile, which I really like (I used to have a Maxon OD808 reissue, and this seems just as nice to me). I want a 2nd OD for an extra lead boost on my nano board, so does anyone have any experience comparing the Green Mile to the Blues Mood? I'm thinking 2 Green Miles one set hot going into the other set warm (both on minimum gain into my already cranked Princeton Reverb) or the. (2017-06-08) David vs. Goliath - Mooer Green Mile vs Mammoth Modded TS808 by AndertonsMusic; Audio (2012-11-13) Mooer Green Mile by Premier Guitar (2013-06-19) Mooer Green Mile - test w Infomusic.pl by InfoMusic (2014-04-01) Go Your Way - Mooer Green Mile mit PRS Custom 24 by MusikmesseT MAXON OD808 - Overdrive. incl. VAT 125,00 € En stock. MOJO HAND FX Colossus Fuzz. incl. VAT 229,00 € Rupture de stock. MOJO HAND FX Iron Bell Fuzz. incl. VAT 229,00 € En stock. MOJO HAND FX DMBL Overdrive. incl. VAT 229,00 € Rupture de stock. MOOER Micro DI Box avec Cabinet Simulator. incl. VAT 59,00 € En stock. MOOER Ana Echo. incl. VAT 65,00 € Rupture de stock. MOOER Yellow Comp.

Maxon OD808 Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal. Awesome tube screamer type overdrive made in Japan. Condition is Used but mint with original box. Dispatched with Royal Mail 1st Class. PayPal or cash on collection. Please be advised that due to the current situation delivery may take longer than usual The OD808 is probably the best-sounding modern Maxon rendition I've heard. At all settings it sounded sweet and had great touch responsiveness, and with its abundant output it was easy to dial it in, whether using it SRV-style - with the drive knob on the low side and the balance control cranked up to get more overdrive from the amp - or via the opposite settings to obtain more. Maxon od808 Ibanez Tube Screamer ts-808 Joyo Vintage Overdrive Marshall Guvnor Boss Bluesdrive Digitech Tone Driver Mxr gt-od - Mooer Green Mile (Clon TS808-TS9) - Mooer Blues Crab (Clon Marshall Blues Breaker I) - Dolly FX Pez Rojo (clon Menatone Red Snapper) - Clon DIY Klon Centaur - Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive v.1 (clon Timmy Overdrive) - Behringer TO800 (Clon TS808) He. Get the guaranteed best price on Distortion & Overdrive Effects Pedals like the Maxon OD808 Guitar Overdrive Pedal at Musician's Friend. Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items Mooer Green Mile (IBANEZ T808 / IBANEZ TS-7 Clone) - '2 Working Modes:Warm/Hot (Warm: Reconstruct a warm tube drive tone and nice dynamic response of classic tube amplifier, it provides a natural, smooth, creamy overdrive sound ; Hot: More powerful output than Warm mode, mighty crunch tone).' - FICHE PRODUIT - SAMPLES VIDEO Mooer Hustle Drive (FULLTONE OCD Clone) - 'Ultra wide dynamic range.

Maxon OD808 & OD-9 vs Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer Shootout

GREEN MILE. effet guitare électrique distortion - fuzz - overdrive... 51.00€ au lieu de 74.90€ Internet. Store Paris (+) Réf : 163161 -19%. mooer. BLUES MOOD. effet guitare électrique distortion - fuzz - overdrive... 61.00€ au lieu de 74.90€ Internet. Store Paris (+) Réf : 163151 -31%. mooer. BLADE. effet guitare électrique distortion - fuzz - overdrive... 52.00€ au lieu de 74. hi,welcome to www.tonemusicshop.com here is a quick shootout about ibanez ts808 & analogman ts808 it's our first time to make video test sorry for our poor e.. Building off the OD808, Maxon created the OD-820, a Klon clone on a mission: to beat out the pedal on which it's based. The OD-820 Overdrive Pro wears many hats, including clean booster and overdrive. Built specifically to play nicely with tube amps, the OD-820 will give you a thick, full overdrive without the noise you might get from a Klon.

Maxon OD808 Overdrive 5mA. Maxon OD-820 Over Drive Pro 19mA . Maxon OD-9 Overdrive 6mA Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion 6mA . MBS Efectos Super Booster 4mA. MBS Efectos British Drive 8mA. MBS Efectos The Delilah 25mA. MBS Efectos HummingVerb v2 64mA. MBS Efectos Black Sheep Wah 7mA. MBS Efectos The Wizärd 12mA. MBS Efectos Rising Sun 28mA. Mooer Acousticar 17 mA. Therefore, the Maxon OD808 distorts signal in the amplifier circuit itself which yields a smoother, milder, more natural sounding distortion than a separate clipping stage. This is also the reason that the IC type used in the circuit has such a large impact on the unit's tone. It should be noted that the Reissue Series OD808 uses different output resistors than the original version. After. Your cart is empty telèfon musicasa 971498299 - 971281559 - 97128024 La Green Mile est un clone plutôt bien pensé de Tubescreamer TS9. Elle réunit les caractéristiques originales : un overdrive un peu voilé, respectant le timbre naturel de l'instrument utilisé. Le mode « Warm » sur le mini-switch sélectionne le comportement traditionnel d'une TS-9, avec une plage de gain similaire allant du léger crunch jusqu'au lead franc et permettant de magnifiques.

(2012-02-12) Analogman Silver Maxon OD9 overdrive with Tele and Les Paul by roknfnrol (2012-08-11) Maxon OD9 vs Ibanez TS9 Shoot-Out! Maxon Month 2012! Overdrive Tube Screamer by The Tone King (2013-03-29) Ibanez TS9 vs Maxon OD9 by Fernando Gabriel (2013-05-16) TONE TALK 6: Maxon OD-9, OD-9 PRO+, ST-9 PRO by Godlyk Your cart is empty Call Us on 971498299 - 971281559 - 97128024 Anyone excited about the new reissue style series of pedals from Maxon? So there are: MAXON AD10 Analog Delay MAXON ASC10 - Ambient Stereo..

MOOER Green Mile vs TS808 Ultimate Metal - Heavy Metal

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  2. Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd.-Shenzhen Mooer Audio Co., Ltd. is an energetic and technological innovative company, dedicated in researching, manufacturing an
  3. Overall, the Maxon OD-820 wins the category for best Tube Screamer overdrive pedal by a country mile. Buy it on Thomann 2. Maxon OD-808 . The Maxon OD-808 is what started it all. This is still a very nice pedal covering the tones needed for sticking out in a mix. If you're into ripping blues guitar or if you want to turn your very clean amp into an off-clean amp, the OD-820 is the way to go.
  4. MOOER GREEN MILE 59.00 MAXON OD808. MAXON OD808 129.00 € Sur demande. OVERDRIVE. Chip JRC4558D intégré 100% analogique Contrôles: Overdrive, Balance, Tone. LED de Statut. True Bypass. Entrée et sortie sur Jack. Alimentation 9V DC optionnelle. 129.00€ Sur demande. MAXON OD9. MAXON OD9 139.00€ Disponible. OVERDRIVE. Chip JRC45581C intégré Contrôles: Drive, Balance, Tone. LED de.
  5. Probably the VS-XO because of its flexibility, and the TS Mini because of its size. I've gone thru some others: TS 808 RI, Maxon OD-808, Boss SD-1, MI Audio Blues Pro, Bad Monkey, FD2 Mosfet 10th Anniversary, TS-5, MI Audio Blue Boy Deluxe, Mooer Green Mile, Joyo Vintage Od, BYOC OD-2. In all honesty and to my hearing, one would be as good as.

Maxon OD808 vs Maxon OD808X Overdrive Pedal Shootout - YouTub

Testing Mooer Pedals micro series. Just got a few Mooer Audio pedals and thought I'd put up a demo. Demoing the Green Mile (a better Tubescreamer TS-808), Black Secret (Rat), Cruncher (MI Audio Crunch Box), Blue Faze (Fuzz Face). Sorry for the bad quality, but i just threw this up there. Playing my Fender Strat with Kinman/Fender Noiseless in. I already own a number of Micro series Mooer pedals; the Ninety Orange phaser (MXR Phase 90), Green Mile drive (Ibanez Tube Screamer), Hustle Drive (Fulltone OCD), Solo distortion (Suhr Riot) and Cruncher distortion (MI Audio Crunch Box) and regularly gig them, with absolutely no reliability issues whatsoever. For the sake of transparency, I should mention that all of my pedals are all mounted. Mignon (c'est Mooer qui va tirer la gueule, à moins qu'ils ne les fabriquent pour Ibanez ). Sinon, je me suis pris une Maxon OD808 et c'est parfait pour moi. J'ai également une Maxon OD808 que je trouve parfait, d'autant plus que le prix reste correcte. L'autre jour en boutique j'ai vu une Ibanez 808 pour 208€.. 208€ la TS ! Haut : El Phaco Vintage Méga utilisateur. Inscrit le: 24 Apr. We know that Maxon can make great pedals and that Susumu Tamura knows a thing or two about pedal designing. Throw in the Scott Henderson endorsement and in theory it should be pretty spectacular. You can check out the recent Maxon Apex808 and the Robert Keeley co-designed OD808-40K to get an idea of the general level of quality we can expect. I.

This site is supported by the advertisements on it, please disable your AdBlocker so we can continue to provide you with the quality content you expect Maxon famously manufactured Ibanez's TS808's under contract, and once the contract had lapsed, set to putting out their own version - in the shape of the OD808. To all intents and purposes exactly the same as the original Ibanez 808 circuity, although within the intervening time each may have slightly different internals / components. Still a great choice for a mid-priced Tube Screamer, many. item 2 Maxon Guitar effector Overdrive OD808 Green Made In Japan F/S - Maxon Guitar effector Overdrive OD808 Green Made In Japan F/S. AU $240.08. item 3 Maxon OD-9 - Original Maker Of TS-9 Tubescreamer - Maxon OD-9 - Original Maker Of TS-9 Tubescreamer. AU $170.00. Free postage. item 4 NEW Maxon OD 808 Overdrive BACK IN STOCK.w / Full Warranty in Aust. - NEW Maxon OD 808 Overdrive BACK IN. I've tested this against several other tubescreamers including an original TS9, Maxon OD808, Mooer Green Mile and others, it easily stands its ground. - Joonas R. / Review by thomann.de I use this unit as a clean boost or overdrive. As a clean boost it really boosts the signal emphazising the Mids so you can stand out of the mix without adding too much distortion. As an overdrive it. Mooer Green Mile. Mooer. 00013044. 2 Reseñas. 53,00 € Mooer Green Mile Añadir al carrito ¡EN STOCK! ENTREGA INMEDIATA. Overdrive. Boss OD-3. Boss. 00000104. 3 Reseñas. 95,00 € Boss OD-3 Añadir al carrito ¡EN STOCK! ENTREGA INMEDIATA. Overdrive. Boss BD-2W Blues Driver. Boss. 00018637. 154,00 € Boss BD-2W Blues Driver Añadir al carrito Ultima Llegada ¡EN STOCK! ENTREGA INMEDIATA.

Mooer Green Mile VENDIDO EQD Humming Bird $90.000 Maxon OD808 $95.000 Maxon Flanger $85.000 Equinoccio Buffer $12.000 Line 6 AM4 $80.000 Ibanez TS7 $40.000 Zoom GFX-3 $50.000 Tuna booster (LPB1) $20.000 (Este mensaje fue modificado por última vez en: 11-24-2018 04:47 PM por ffalvarezm.) 11-16-2018 06:36 AM : winston_lennon Adicto al foro Mensajes: 2.214 Registro en: Mar 2010 Reputación: 38. The little green pedal is 40. Approximate reading time: 2 Minutes. Maxon OD808-40K by Robert Keeley · Source: Maxon. Previous Next. 1979 - 2019: Maxon has been able to stay on the market for a full 40 years. After master developer Susumu Tamura lent a hand for the first jubilee version, now pedal guru Robert Keeley gets a chance to add his flair to the OD808 circuit. If you want one of the.

Overdrive Sound Check (Тест педалей Overdrive) - YouTub

Maxon Overdrive (OD808) - MaxonF

  1. Next I bought a maxon od820--the big green vintage series OD. It was cooler than the ts9, easily. I thought that it sounded more like my guitar than the ts did. Eventually, I began using it as a clean boost, which it doesn't do very well, so it soon was sold. Next came the 808 ri. I've heard that this pedal is the ts9 reissue in a different box--this can't be true. I think that the 808 sounds.
  2. Therefore, the Maxon OD808 distorts signal in the amplifier circuit itself which yields a smoother, milder, more natural sounding distortion than a separate clipping stage. This is also the reason that the IC type used in the circuit has such a large impact on the unit's tone. It should be noted that the Reissue Series OD808 uses different output resistors than the original version. After the.
  3. This small tubescreamer will let you enhance your tone and inspire you live on stage. On bedroom use, it's meh, but in live use, a must and a magic
  4. out of these id get the Maxon for cheap there is a Mooer Green Mile (TS9) BBE Green Screamer and Garagetone Drivetrain Sep 23, 2014 #8. gtrguru Friend of Leo's. Posts: 2,352. Joined: Apr 29, 2011 Location: Detroit Metro. CajunPicker316 said: ↑ Get a MHP 72 Degrees. Trust me! Click to expand... Amazing pedal. If you want to try a ts then buy whatever version is cheap or just get a basic.
  5. Hier können Sie anrufen 971498299 - 971281559 - 971280241. e-Mai

Maxon OD808 vs Way Huge Green Rhino The Gear Pag

  1. -Mooer green mile (clon tubescreamer)-Little big muff-Boss ge7 (ecualizado como boster de medios y volumen junto al green mile + big muff, se consigue un sonido rugiente y cremoso )-Zoom g3 por el loop fx como multiefectos (sin distorsiones ni amplis) Todo esto sumado a los propios controoes del bogner alchemist: boost, delay y rever
  2. JOYO JF-01 Vintage Overdrive OD808 ClassicTubescreamer TrueBypas
  3. Maxon OD 808 XVive Amp Litone (18V) Mooer Green Mile BlackStar LT Boost Mooer Shimverb Le tout commandé par un switcher HEX Voodoo Lab (6 entrées), câbles en Cordial. Reste encore à connecter (dans le G System) : Source Audio Programmable EQ, FuzzFace Le Koch au dessus est dans un autre switcher dédiés aux préamplis. 30-04-2014 Effets Mooer Shimverb - 19 messages Je déterre le topic.
  4. Maxon AD-9 Analog Delay 19mA. Maxon AD-900 Analog Delay 28mA 12V DC centre + Maxon AF-9 Auto Filter 17mA Maxon OD808 Overdrive 5mA . Maxon OD-820 Over Drive Pro 19mA. Maxon OD-9 Overdrive 6mA. Maxon PH-350 Rotary Phaser 41mA. Maxon PT999 Phase Tone 12mA. Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion 6mA. MBS Efectos Super Booster 4mA. MBS Efectos British Drive 8mA. MBS Efectos The Delilah 25mA. MBS Efectos.
  5. Boss BD2 + JHS Angry Driver Combi. € 189,- Out of stock Boss BD2 Blues Drive
  6. Ibanez's TS808 is housed in its iconic green enclosure. The dimension of the pedal runs at 4.9 x 2.8 x 2 including the knobs. It has three knobs that control the amount of overdrive, tone, and level of the effects. It has one ¾ inch jack input socket and one ¾ inch jack output socket. This pedal can run using a 9v battery or a 9v AC power.

Avis d'utilisateurs : Maxon OD-808 Overdrive Reissue

Donner mon avis 15 / 01 / 2017 pkwg75 sur Mooer Ultra Drive MKII. Année d'achat : 2016 Prix d'achat : 63 € neuf . Avis général . Bonne pédale reproduisant le son d'une Boss DS1 avec en plus le mod Kelley. Comme toutes les Mooer, Joyo, Hotone, super rapport qualité prix. Donner mon avis Dans la même gamme de prix. Mooer Hustle Drive 49 € Mooer Green Mile 52 € Mooer Blues Mood 61. Mooer - Green Mile Overdrive Type TS9 En stock (1) 54,99 € Ajouter au panier. Aperçu . Boss - Pédale Octaver OC-3 En stock. 139,99 € Ajouter au panier. Aperçu . G5n PÉDALIER MULTI-EFFETS En stock (1) 259,99 € Ajouter au panier. Aperçu . Mooer - Trelicopter Tremolo En stock (1) 54,99 € Ajouter au panier. Aperçu . Mooer - Rage Machine En stock. 71,99 € Ajouter au panier. Aperçu.

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